Auto Glass Insurance Information

American Auto Glass will process your Connecticut Auto Glass insurance claim.


Q. Who should I call first, my insurance agent, or American AutoGlass?

A. In most cases we can take care of the call for you. There are a few insurance companies that prefer to talk to the insured first. If you are in doubt, contact us at 888-611-GLASS (4527), and we will handle the entire process for you, including verification with your insurance agent.

Q. Does my deductible apply when I replace my windshield?
A. In the state of CT, the deductible does not apply to the windshield. If you have Full Coverage your windshield is replaced at no charge. Any questions that you have can be directed to your insurance company.

Q. What about any other glass in my vehicle, like door glass or back glass?
A. Always check with your insurance company about a deductible that may apply. If in your case a deductible does apply, American AutoGlass accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash, PayPal, or check as a payment option.

Q. If I repair my windshield, will my insurance pay for it?
A. Most insurance companies will pay 100% of the repair or replacement.

Q. When replacing my windshield, will my rates go up?
A. Insurance companies will generally not raise rates because of a windshield claim. To be sure, contact your insurance agent.

Q. My insurance company told me I must use a specific Glass Company, is this true?
A. Absolutely not true! You have the right to choose the glass company of your choice.

  • American Auto Glass engages business directly with all major insurance companies. YOU have the right to choose the Auto Glass Provider of YOUR choice. You ARE NOT obligated in any way to use a specific Auto Glass company referred to you by your insurance company.
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